Author: Leanne McElfresh

How Much Does an Energy Audit Cost

If you’ve ever wondered how much an energy audit costs, you’re not alone. Energy audits are valuable for understanding your home’s energy efficiency and identifying potential cost-saving opportunities. But before you dive into this endeavor, it’s essential to know what you’re getting into, including the costs involved. This article will take a lighthearted look at the world of energy audits and explore the price tag associated with them.
What Is an Energy Audit?
First things first, what exactly is an energy audit? A home energy audit is akin…

Top Solar Panels in Denver

The solar industry is taking the world by storm, which is good business for solar panels installers in Denver and across the globe. Promoting environmental sustainability has resulted in a shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources for our electricity needs. Now, more homeowners are considering installing a solar system on their properties to support the green energy shift while boosting the value of their homes.
You may be wondering if solar panel installation is worth it. We daresay it is. Solar installation comes …

The Lifespan of Solar Panels

Solar panels may appear lightweight at first, and the material around the outside may seem vulnerable to the weather. However, solar panels, in reality, are actually incredibly long-lasting.
A solar power system is an asset in your house that will provide long-term advantages and dependability. They are made of a strong metal frame that contains a hardened glass pane.
Of course, it’s still critical to distinguish between solar panels and solar cells. Each solar cell is made of highly …

Claiming Solar Panel Rebate in Colorado

Colorado is one of the top states in the country for solar energy. The variety of subsidies, incentives, and other perks available to individuals who transition to renewable energy contributes to its success.
Moreover, the federal government, state organizations, and energy companies all provide financial incentives to households that install solar panels. However, it may be difficult for individuals to be informed of all of the solar advantages that are available to them.
This is where a…

The Price of Solar Panels in Colorado

Any homeowner may benefit from what solar energy has to offer. However, several factors might influence how much it costs to install a solar power solution in your house.
For example, the number of solar panels you require will be determined by criteria such as your home’s energy use, the required power output, and the total available area of your roof. The amount you save on power must eventually exceed the entire cost of the system and maintenance.