Basement Insulation

Lately, people are transforming their basements into leisure areas and meeting places for their families. However, believe it or not, your basement is often a significant cause of energy loss in your house.

Insulation, it turns out, is by far the most cost-effective approach to keep your preferred temperature and climate. Insulation’s purpose is to keep heat from transferring between your home’s outer surface and the outside.

Moreover, without appropriate insulation, your house may begin to accumulate moisture and mildew. All of these add up to an unsafe setting for your household.

With that said, Denver Home Energy provides a variety of basement insulation options. For example, we may utilize foam board and batts in incomplete basements. However, spray foam insulation is highly suggested for finished basements due to its ease of installation.

Spray foam insulation may be injected into spaces and solidifies to cover the whole area. The fantastic thing about the foam is that it has a significantly greater R-value while being much thinner.

What is the definition of R-value? It measures the insulation’s heat flow susceptibility, also known as thermal resistivity.

So, when choosing the correct configuration for your home, the R-value is more significant than the thickness or material type. For electrically heated homes, R-values of R-19 are commonly recommended for basements in Denver.

Advantages of Basement Insulation

The primary advantages of insulating your basement are the significant electricity and financial gains that you should get. With that said, modern basement wall insulation will help regulate temperature and make your house more comfortable all year.

You also will be able to cut your energy expenses by using your HVAC system with less frequency. However, your actual savings will be determined by the type of HVAC system you have, how well the other parts of your home are insulated, and how much use your basement sees.

Still, insulating your basement walls can help enhance the overall comfort of your house. Basement insulation may be particularly successful in avoiding temperature variations that are otherwise frequent in homes with inadequate insulation.

With that said, contact us now for a complete home energy assessment to find out if your basement needs new wall insulation.