Know Your Home

Depending on the time your home was constructed, several types of upgraded insulation may be necessary. However, the only way to truly determine how much electricity your house wastes in a year is to arrange a home energy audit.

There are still many homes constructed over a century ago that do not have energy-efficient equipment or upgraded insulation. Without a doubt, this puts a significant burden on the electricity infrastructure.

Older homes may appear to be a burden to bring up to speed so that they do not place such a load on the energy infrastructure. However, there are several easy and low-cost enhancements that may be completed in a couple of hours.

A simple change of led bulbs, for example, may reduce your lighting costs from $50 a month to around $8 a month. Updating your HVAC equipment can also significantly lower the amount you spend each year on energy bills.

On the other hand, newer homes have efficient appliances. They are also usually well-insulated, but purchasing a new property is not always within one’s financial means. So, it’s critical to remember that a decade-old home may be just as efficient as today’s modern homes.

When it comes to energy-saving solutions, a larger budget means more savings. So, as a homeowner, moving to energy-efficient equipment might be one of the finest investments you can make.

With that said, call us to find out what frequent problems your house may be experiencing. Our staff will happily inform you what you can do to enhance your living conditions and put more hard-earned money back into your pocket.