Home Energy Services

Denver Home Energy can help you with home energy assessments and improvements. We can show you how a sensible energy house improves your life, whether you are purchasing a home or renovating where you live now and regardless of how you power your home.

Our services are commonly required on older or outdated properties, but we also upgrade homes with expansions, attic spaces, and high utility costs.

Many home buyers will want to know their new house better by arranging a Residential Energy Audit. This tells homes where reduced energy upgrades are present. Then, our crew will inspect your house for any obvious energy deficiencies that create high utility costs or discomfort.

We will also conduct an audit on each property before installing a unique efficiency package of modifications. Following the implementation of these enhancements, we will then work on a post-test to ensure that what we have done indeed reduced your home’s energy use.

It’s also a good idea to walk through your house with the auditor during the audit to identify concerns that will help them define the suitable auditing method.

The process typically takes a couple of hours to complete. It begins with a comprehensive thermal energy inspection involving a blower-door check. This tool assesses the amount of air escaping from your home, as well as the effectiveness of your insulation and the efficiency of your external walls.

We then run an analysis using our specialized software wherein our computer evaluates all data sets from up to a year of electricity bills to provide a unique report with suggestions on how to increase the efficiency of your house in the future.

Increasing your attic insulation may be recommended, as well as the replacement of inefficient heating and cooling systems. Making such home improvements will make your own more pleasant, secure, and draft-free.

With all of the latest equipment and technology we use, our highly skilled staff can install any type and manufacture of insulation all day long. We also seal homes to eliminate leaks and insulate in the proper areas using suitable materials to provide optimal comfort.

With all that said, we are ready to answer any concerns consumers may have about living more conveniently, cutting energy expenses, and feeling a lot better about reducing their energy usage on the grid.