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Certifiable Green Denver

Since the Denver Energy Challenge was such a great success, the program has expanded to become Certifiably Green Denver, and now provides free personalized sustainability support in not only energy, but water, waste, transportation, and overall environmentally responsible business management. Contact FREE Sustainabilty Advisor today. Click here to see what makes a green business in Denver.

Businesses who participated in the Denver Energy Challenge can now apply the energy efficiency work they have already completed towards becoming a certified green business through this new program.

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The Denver Energy Challenge (DEC) began in 2010 with grant funds from the U.S. Department of Energy to assist Denver's business community in saving energy. The program met its grant goals of reaching 1,200 businesses in February 2013 (3 months ahead of schedule)!

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Thanks to the Denver Energy Challenge, the City and County of Denver is well on its way to a greener, more thriving environment, economy and culture.

The City and County of Denver is proud of the 1,260 businesses that participated in the Denver Energy Challenge. These businesses, in combination with the 6,260 homes that participated from 2010 to 2013 saved enough energy to power Red Rocks Amphitheater for more than 55 years! That’s also enough energy to power over 600 homes for one year.  Check out these success stories and case studies to see just how they did it.


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