Denver Energy Challenge Recognizes Program Achievements, Announces Next Steps in Sustainability Efforts

Denver, CO- June 13, 2013 - More than 100 Denver Energy Challenge program participants and partners celebrated the culmination of three years and approximately $10 million in energy savings at a program recognition event on June 12. The event also announced new and continuing efforts to offer energy efficiency and sustainability resources for Denver residents and businesses.

In 2010, Denver Environmental Health received funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Neighborhood Program to create the Denver Energy Challenge, a sustainable program designed to help residents and businesses increase energy efficiency. Since the program launched, more than 1,200 commercial and 6,000 residential Denver buildings have participated, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save valuable resources and reduce energy costs.

Thanks to high interest and participation in the program, the city met grant deliverables three months ahead of schedule. Denver Environmental Health also plans to permanently extend the program, focusing more on residential efficiency, while integrating the business sustainability program into the already thriving and successful Certifiably Green Denver.

“With energy use up and our population continuing to grow, these days it’s not just about pulling the plug to conserve power; it’s also about making smart choices to be energy efficient,” says Denver’s Chief Finance Officer and Deputy Mayor Cary Kennedy.

Recognition event attendees included the Colorado Energy Office, Xcel Energy and Boulder County, special guests Denver Chief Finance Officer and Deputy Mayor Cary Kennedy, Dr. Ren Anderson, Manager of the Residential Buildings Research Group at the National Renewable Energy Lab and Ann Kirkpatrick, Trade Relations Manager at Xcel Energy.

“Over the past decade and in the near future we will have turned the corner in our efforts to reduce building energy use,” says Dr. Ren Anderson. “Total building energy use will no longer be increasing even though the total square footage of buildings is continuing to grow, because the energy use per building has been dramatically reduced thanks to programs like this.”

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