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The Denver Energy Challenge (DEC) and EnergySmart in Boulder County are pleased to offer the Residential Contractor Partnership Program. We are dedicated to renewed focus on workforce development as we continue to evolve our energy efficiency programs to better serve our communities.  

Access to the Advisor Service and the Elevations Energy Loan will be open to all of our partner contractors.  Xcel Trade Partners are also invited to participate and Xcel will continue to manage that pool without additional oversight from EnergySmart or DEC. To access the loan, a homeowner will still need to enroll in either EnergySmart or the DEC, but there is no cost to you or the homeowner for that service. 
A benefit of this program is that leads related to energy efficiency work are distributed to our partners.  In addition, best practices and state of the art training are also available.  You will be considered and contacted for an interview if you qualify based on the Mandatory Minimum Qualifications listed below.  The contractors that will excel in the program offer services related to Whole Home, Insulation, and Mechanical and are willing to provide high quality projects for their customers (e.g., CAZ testing per Building Performance Institute (BPI) standards).  
Mandatory Minimum Qualifications Partners Program
  • License and Certification requirements appropriate for the communities served
  • Must have a BPI Manager with minimum 1 year experience
  • Must be an Xcel Home Performance with Energy Star Contractor
  • Personnel performing required CAZ testing must Score 80% or better on level 2 of the Interplay CAZ Simulation (licenses to use the simulation are subsidized by the programs)
  • Must present Secretary of State Certificate of Good Standing
  • Have not been removed from any government, local, utility or other Energy Efficiency program. (If contractor has been removed, they must provide documentation of the grounds for removal and adequate evidence of remedying those reasons)
  • DEC/ES Homeowner Rating of no less than 8
  • Admission Interview passing score of 85 Points
  • Maintain a DEC/ES past QC performance minimum average score of 70 once admitted into the program
Please fill out the application found at link below.  
For questions, please contact the Manager, Contractor Services listed on the application or call 720-865-5520.

Additional Resources
Contractor Operations Guide

Commercial Contractors - The Denver Energy Challenge does NOT provide commercial services. If you would like more information about the City and County of Denver's business program, contact
Certifiably Green Denver.


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