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Country Club Resident Finds Comfort in Energy Savings and at Home

Betsy knew she wanted to live in an urban area with character. When she purchased her home in the Country Club neighborhood she felt like she made a great choice. The home was built in 1912 and looked and felt very open and comfortable. What she didn’t realize was how cold she would be during the winter and how much she would be paying to stay warm. “When I bought my house I didn’t think about what it was going to cost to own the home and live in the home over time. I didn’t think about my energy bills,” said Betsy.

Boulder building efficiency

Boulder building efficiency

Commitment to EnergySmart makes Boulder a national contender in energy efficiency

Financial Case for Energy Improvements at Home

Financial Planner Lauren Sigman shares why she made energy improvements at home and how the City's Denver Energy Challenge program helped her

Homeowner Reviews

Testimony from Denver residents participating in the program:

Certified financial planner invests money to improve home’s energy performance

Lauren Sigman is a smart and savvy Certified Financial Planner  at Sigman Financial Fitness  with over 35 years of experience in the Denver metro area.

What Does An Energy Advisor Do When Visiting My Home?

October is Energy Action Month In Denver

October is Energy Action Month, as proclaimed in 2012 by the Council of the City and County of Denver to recognize the importance of assisting residents in reducing energy consumption while also saving money, improving indoor comfort, and air quality. Full story on Denver Post YourHub

Delaying energy improvements delays lower energy bills and a comfy home

How long would it take you to decide on making home energy improvements if you had rooms that were too hot or too cold year after year? Would you continue to pay higher energy bills as a result, and think it was impossible to lower them? Joyce and her family have been in Denver for over 30 years and in their Virginia Village home now for 14.
Built in 1956, her home is 2,265 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 1 ¾ bath.

Greenwich Village Apartments HOA

Molly Meuer is the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) president of Greenwich Village, a Denver HOA with 11 different units spread between two buildings built in 1907. Almost all condo units throughout Denver have an HOA with varying monthly fees to keep the units and common spaces in good condition.

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